Morality of killingTHE LOST SOUL, Tien Phangbirds thanks the Gif artist who created the Original  Gif of the walking man.


Birds Discourse on the Morality of killing....

Killing, Murder, Homicide and how it affects the subconscious.
Hypothesis of This Phenomenon

Killing, Murder Homicide, Defined:

1. The Killing of one person by another.
2. Taking a Life, Engaged in War, or Murder for any Reason.
3. A Conscious Willful Act of Taking a Life.

Innately the Soul does not want to kill. The thought is horrifying; it is and would be like killing oneself.

Innately harming a Soul is in fact like harming oneself.

BLUE FLAME FOR LIFE AND PEACEImagine a flock of birds filing in unison, tumbling with the wind currents, transitioning,streaming fluidly as One. Flowing as one Sprit, one Soul.... One with nature harmoniously. It would be difficult for any individual bird to want to consciously disrupt the harmonious oneness. Alas, again, innately the Soul does not want to kill.

If one bird lost its way and disrupted the harmony simply by moving incorrectly, it would be easier to immediately move back into the harmonious formation...If one were to waste time worrying about the deviation it would be difficult to transcend smoothly into form. Hence,for the Soul it is easier not to pay attention to the deviation. Simply not wanting to be outside of the formation, the Soul does not leave the formation, it knows to keep its eye on the flow and ebb of the Whole and allows the mind to deviate.The Soul knows if it is to find its way back to the form, it must keep watch of the formations movement, if it does not, it would become as lost as the mind, never having a chance to be as one again.


The Dammed:

A Soul that cannot rejoin the whole, i.e. A Lost Soul.

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